Press Release: MYT Works, Inc. is Awarded Futureworks Growth Initiative Grant through NYCEDC

The NYCEDC Futureworks Growth Initiative has granted MYT Works $30,000 in funding to help grow its operations and further establish the company as the only manufacturer of camera movement equipment in NYC. NYC has had tremendous success in supporting the film industry in the past 10 years, raising the concentration of movie jobs in Manhattan (New York County) to more than 3.5 times that of the nation, and now that support has expanded to a company that makes the actual equipment that camera operators and grips use to produce the films, TV shows, documentaries and digital ads that are an integral part of our lives.

Says Patricia Rattray, Consulting Director, “We are thrilled to be honored in this way. The NYC EDC believes in our business model and they believe in micro-manufacturing, which is a great way to keep manufacturing in local communities and close to a large percentage of the customers we serve. We retail the products we make nationally and internationally, but the NYC region has one of the highest concentration of grips and camera operators along with other major metros like LA, Dallas, Florida??? and Chicago, where we continue to grow our brand.

The Futureworks NYC Growth provides early-stage companies using and developing advanced manufacturing technologies with up to $30,000 in funding over two years to support their growth in New York City. They aim to increase local production.

“We take our manufacturing process very seriously”, says Rattray, “since we are known for the most durable sliders and skater dollies in the industry that can be purchased under $5,000. Operators know our equipment can take a lot of abuse and still perform by moving the camera in the most precise way. We plan to use the funds to move to a brand new and larger shop in Brooklyn and purchase two new machines. We also plan to have an expanded showroom so products can always be on display and clients can attend equipment demos. We look forward to inviting the community into our new space and we can’t be more grateful for the support and recognition”

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MYT Works, Inc. is a New York based designer, manufacturer and retailer of camera motion equipment for professional camera operators founded in 2010.

Contact: Patricia Rattray, Consulting Director, MYT Works

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