Digital Media For Internal Employee Communications is a Work in Progress for Many Companies

Corporations are increasingly using video for marketing and sales and that trend is not going away. However, just when they are struggling to keep up with the demand for content among external audiences, the demand for internal and integrated video communications for business departments and units is also growing.  Corporations are reinventing how employees learn, relax and attend meetings through real time video streaming and saved video they can be accessed across a variety of platforms. In his white paper, Employee Focused Digital Media Leveraging Managed Services to Improve Employee Communications and Training (November 2011), Randy Palubia of Enliten Management Group, Inc., presents the following examples of the types of video/visual based content distributed throughout enterprises:

  • Corporate communications; Business updates; Executive presentations
  • Morale and motivational presentations
  • Town hall meetings; Departmental meetings and updates
  • Training sessions and continuing education: Product knowledge; System training; Service applications, policies and procedures; Policy changes; Diversity training; Security and life safety
  • New employee on-boarding programs and orientations
  • Third-party news and information
  • News, weather, financial and entertainment subscription services
  • RSS news and information services
  • Organization events and activities; Community news and activities

Companies are stepping up to the challenge of not only creating effective content but presenting it in various formats that can be accessed easily from a wide range of devices. Content can also be presented along with complementary print and electronic materials such as manuals, learning guides and online courses.

We encourage camera operators and DP’s to stay updated on corporate media challenges, since the growth in corporate video production will outpace growth in many industry sectors for at least the next decade. There will be a lot of growing pains as companies try to fill roles where there is no real precedent for how things should and can be done. Each industry will have its own requirements and criteria for success. Properly measuring the success of these new forms of communications will also be a new frontier.

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