Moises Lugo Talks About A Challenging Shoot, MYT Works and Success

How did you hear about us? When we started talks about our recent project we knew we had to be fast on our prep for each shot. We were working on a video clip for tourism promotion for the entire state of Mexico. We were very aware that on the day’s agenda, we were going to travel up to two hours just for one shot before going to the next, so we could not afford another two hours just for setup and then shoot. If you are in this industry, you are familiar with the term guerrilla crew and we were it. I mean Director/DP/Staff/Editor, Producer/Staff/Color Corrector, Camera Assistant/Staff. We already knew the perils of this kind of endeavor having in our belt similar videos before it and knowing we need gear to be as light as possible. Having already been through carrying a traditional dolly where the operator gets pushed, having to level the tracks, you could literally say it was the middle ages, blood and sweat production kind. Plus, there was another vehicle for the tracks and the dolly and more people. So, we were sure not to go back to that again.

Alfredo the producer started searching for a slider, when a ton of them were popping up just about everywhere offering lightness, durability, etc. We wanted a solution to our space, not wanting to rent another vehicle approach. At the end, most of them look the same and work the same, but when he came across MYT what really caught his attention was the approach of the wheels, not just as wheels but a system like no other. So, we started to look at videos, the web page, etc. And we knew we had found our solution in saving space, weight, set up time and the works.

It was our necessity to have something new that would help us be on budget and on time with our schedule.

What types of videos do you shoot? Mostly we do commercials, either for the government or advertising agencies. The rest are corporate videos and animation. We love live action. We like to set up a shot and have a camera travel and narrate us.

How did you get into the industry? What helped you succeed? Alfredo and I wanted to do movies like everybody but in Mexico it is a hard living in all aspects. Let’s just say very hard. Even though we are not doing movies, we try to live the principle of narration. I mean you still have to understand an idea and you have to impact the life of the viewer in a way they will remember. Also, every now and then there is a project that will let you get out of the ordinary commercial or corporate video and do some sort of story type and let the movie approach steam out a little.

Our success has come with our ability to stay in the market with the right budget and the right tools to drive the light into the camera to obtain the best picture possible; and have the right people, not the biggest crews, but the most talented and efficient.

Also, managing time well has really helped us succeed. I guess time is the one killer of everything, not only for delivering your work to the client but in your set of a shot, make up, and prep, time just adds up. I guess that is our best attribute and we can say it from the heart not only because of all the times we have been on time, but through the tons of times we have failed and learned. Through failures you grow, and you understand more of the business side and that’s in the end what keeps things going and alive.

What features do you like most about MYT Works products? They are well done. They are well thought out with expansion in mind. Most of the companies will throw a bunch of products with differences you can hardly see and that’s confusing. But when you look at the MYT WORKS line up it is not confusing at all. It is clear. I mean in today’s market where they sell you so many extra upgrades, it is nice to find products that you only upgrade when you need to. Not on every single thing.

We do what is our passion, we like to work with people that are passionate too and we don’t mean this only for the person that you get to see in front of you holding a light, but the guy who designs the sensor on a camera, or the optics, and the slider which the camera rides on. In other words, we like to work with equipment that was built with passion too.

Is there anything about you, your career, and/or business you’d like to share? It’s a beautiful business where we believe in things done well, with care, passion and excitement. It’s an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, to be a part of a change, or communicating an opinion, or the change of an old custom, to show something new­­­­­­­­ – and that’s a huge responsibility and the best part of this business. And thanks for this opportunity. Hope this helps.

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