Keith Behrle’s MYT Works Story

We recently connected with Keith Berhle to ask about his experience with MYT Works:

“I heard about MYT Works at a trade show. I shoot mostly corporate videos.

I got into the industry as a production assistant. Then, after about two or three years, I bought myself a camera package with a large mortgage on it. I worked hard and paid off the mortgage in two years. The biggest thing I did was go for the best production equipment that I could. I knew I wanted to be known for always having top quality gear. You are known for yourself and your gear.

I use the same philosophy today. I will buy gear to make money and or to enhance my brand. That is a great thing about my MYT Works skater dolly. It works fantastically and it looks awesome. Clients pay a lot of money for crews, and they want to feel that they are getting their money’s worth. Even on projects where I don’t charge my client for the slider, I use it to make my product look better.

The video below is a project that was commissioned by the New York Historical Society on Tattoos. I used the MYT Works slider in more than half of the shots. All the interviews were on the slider. While shooting the tattoos, I used a circular track that I made at a local metal shop, so the dolly glides around the person, showing off their tattoos. This worked amazingly well to show off the beautiful art as these tattoos were all over their bodies and we were able to go around them.”

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