Q&A with Chris Elias

How did you hear about MYT Works?

I knew of the product through a DP friend of mine in Canada.  He has the large slider but I felt it was too big for my needs so I went with the medium.  I love it because it can handle my F55 fully rigged and the setup time is minutes.

What do you shoot?

I primarily shoot lifestyle television, docs, commercials and corporate video.

Which features do you like most about MYT Works products?

Three features I love….

First: Set up is very fast, you can be up and rolling in 3 minutes.

Second: When setup properly, the moves are rock solid in slow or fast motion, and rolling at an angle.

Third: When the rails and rollers get dirty, especially in the field, cleaning is very easy.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I am always looking for gear that can add production value, and in a time sensitive manner, in this ever changing television environment. The medium slider never disappoints.  Even when there is a time crunch on set I can always justify and make time for a slider move.

For more, contact Chris via LinkedIn.

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