Press Release: MYT Works Moves to Brooklyn

MYT Works, Inc., manufacturer of film and camera equipment, moves to Brooklyn to expand machine shop

New York, NY – June 16, 2017

MYT Works has moved their retail office and machine shop to a recently purchased and restored 1924 building at 138 30th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232, between 3rd and 4th Avenues.

MYT Works is happy to join many small and mid-sized businesses that are establishing a hub of innovation, including manufacturing, in and around Industry City. They are also joining well-known companies in the film, video and broadcast production equipment industry such as AbelCine, Adorama and KFX, who are also relocating to Brooklyn this year. The decision to move was based on plans to expand operations. “After six years of growing our business, we decided to bring all our manufacturing in-house. We doubled the size of our machine shop to accommodate new equipment, including a precision hi-end 4 axis CNC mill and a 2-axis lathe,” says founder, Etienne Sauret.

The new machine shop is now on a separate floor below offices and a product showroom. In the new space clients can participate in camera movement demonstrations, tour the machine shop and watch how premium camera sliders and skater dollies are made. MYT Works is also designing a communal space in the backyard for film industry networking events.

Located just a few blocks from Industry City, MYT Works is convenient to the 36th Street and 4th Ave subway stop and the new South Brooklyn Ferry stop at Sunset Park Brooklyn Army Terminal at 80 58th Street.

“We look forward to getting to know our neighbors and supporting other Made in New York City businesses,” says director, Patricia Rattray.

MYT Works, Inc. is a New York based designer and manufacturer of premium camera sliders, skater dollies and tripod heads for professional camera operators and grips founded in 2010. Their registered trademark is Born out of Frustration.® Go to for more information.


Contact: Patricia Rattray, Director, MYT Works


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