MYT Works Sponsors Bexar County High School Film Festival

We were happy to sponsor the first Bexar County High School Film Festival in Texas this year. This festival brought together students, non-profit leaders and the community through a creative communications competition. Students from high schools across Bexar County competed to tell the stories of local non-profits through video, while gaining an inside look at careers in communications. Their efforts culminated in a screening that brought the entire community together.

The process these students went through to interview executive directors and program managers, explore the physical spaces and tools of local organisations, and shape the stories of the issues and people that impact their communities was invaluable. Students began to understand how they can use video to make a positive impact on the world. The non-profits involved also appreciated the opportunity to share their stories and gain exposure.

Congratulations to Jesus Ramirez, coach of the Antonian Prep production team that won both Best Sound and Best Overall Production awards! We hope this is the first of many festivals of this kind. Check out the festival program below and the winning video.

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