Interview with Director of Photography Mark Molesworth


MYT Works 4ft Medium Camera Slider being used in snow
Picture Credit: Mark Molesworth. American Monster, Discovery ID


MYT Works recently spoke to Director of Photography Mark Molesworth. Mark is an award-winning cinematographer who is the owner and president of Molesworth Enterprises, Inc. based in New York City. His company provides complete film and television production support services for both domestic and international clientele. Mark is a fan of MYT Works Camera Slider.

His recent cinematography credits include the BAFTA award-winning film Basquiat: Rage to Riches by Director David Schulman, screened at the Brooklyn Museum, and Silk Road: Drugs, Death, and the Dark Web. Mark just wrapped filming on Schulman’s most recent film for BBC Arts. Mark also has a Cine Golden Eagle under his belt for the film “Dick Smith Make Up Artist” and an International Monitor Award for the BBC short film “Street the Beat”. Many of the films where he was the Director of Photography have won major industry awards. He and his wife Donna Bertaccini, a journalist/director/producer co-own and operate Molesworth Enterprises, Inc.


Tell us a little about Molesworth Enterprises clients.

Our company caters to both domestic and international broadcasters and independent productions companies. Along with our American broadcast clientele, a real mainstay for us has always been UK based broadcasters and production companies. We work routinely for German, French, and Italian broadcasters, as well as a broad spectrum of non-profit foundations, corporate, and commercial clients.

Can you give us a little bit about your professional history?

My first big break came not long after I graduated from NYU with my BFA in Film and Television.  BBC’s NY office put me under contract for close to a decade to supply them with crews and equipment for their North and South American filming. Since then, I have maintained a solid reputation with all the UK broadcasters. Many of the PDs (producer/directors) who used to work at these companies with me as their cinematographer, went on over the years to establish independent film and television production companies of their own. A variety of them now have co-production deals and produce films for Discovery ChannelNational GeographicHistory Channel, CNN’s Documentary Unit, PBS’s NOVA, and Frontline, the SYFY Channel, you name it. As a result, they hire me to work on film and television productions for all these companies. We’re very blessed because we have always had a very loyal client base and stay busy as a result. My work has consistently been very diverse and is aired globally.

What are some projects that Molesworth Enterprises has worked on?

Something you folks will certainly find interesting is that I have been working a good deal over the last five years or so on a variety of Discovery ID Shows such as Web of Lies (5th season), Forbidden: Dying for Love (3nd season), Home Alone (1st season) and American Monsters. All these shows love renting my MYT Works 4 foot Medium Camera Slider, which is a tremendous tool for adding great production value to what can often be a boring establishing shot. I fly all over the country for these series and I carry the slider in a long Pelican case. Airport personnel have routinely been known to ask me if I am carrying a rifle in it.

What made you decide to use MYT Works Camera Slider?

Of course, I did my homework online to assess which was the best camera slider on the market. Last year, I rented MYT Works Camera Slider from PAL East in NYC as a test run and I was very impressed with it. It really surpassed all the others on the market that I’ve used. It met my needs perfectly. This year I bought one. It’s an absolute joy to work with and I’ve got to be honest, it keeps pretty darn busy. My clients love it.


Fun fact!

Many years ago, Etienne Sauret (Founder, MYT Works) used to work with me and our company as a sound man in NYC.


Camera Slider being used on a set for Discovery Channel
Picture Courtesy: Mark Molesworth. On set for 3-hour special called The Unforgotten on Discovery Channel.

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