Customer Support for Camera Sliders, Nodals Heads, and Skater Dollies


MYT Works prides itself in engineering and designing products that are meant to last. From the high-end aluminum grade jig plates used in the carriages, the premium hard coat anodizing, stainless steel dowel pins and bolts to the natural oak, walnut, cedar end caps, every MYT product is built with materials that continue to stand the test of time.


Maintenance is required with all high-precision film equipment; MYT products are no different and have been specifically designed as such. We of course offer full support in replacing and repairing damaged parts, however if damaged while in use, most components of the MYT Glide and Skate can be repaired by end-users by following a few easy steps. We know a lot can happen on a shoot, and have built our equipment to lend itself to on-the-spot fixes.


The MYT family of dollies were first and foremost designed with functionality and ease of use in mind. So as to prevent paper waste, we have provided an operation guide which can be viewed and downloaded here on our website. For additional questions and support regarding your MYT product, feel free to contact us via email or phone.


One of our goals as a company is to not only develop new and innovative equipment, but also to improve and upgrade upon our existing products. We design, manufacture, and assemble everything in-house in New York City allowing for us to effectively tackle any modifications in design. Your thoughts, suggestions and ideas are welcomed as we take your feedback seriously and consider it an essential part of what we do.

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