Don’t just move the camera, set up with any creative configuration in minutes; and do so safely and without cumbersome tools. Expect smooth motion, clean starts and stops and compact transport with our versatile, multi-purpose camera skater dollies. Skater dollies are suitable for any camera from a DSLR to a fully loaded Arri Alexa and any camera in between, including popular Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, RED and Sony cameras.

We offer three skater dolly models: Constellation, Level 5 and Knuckle. All models meet the practical needs of camera professionals: ease of use, modularity for a variety of quick setups, and durability to withstand extended wear-and-tear and extreme weather. Skater dollies also offer a huge variety of mounting and rigging options and all components pack in one case for ease of transport.

The skater dolly can be used on any standard speed rail and sourced on location. Spring-loaded wheel modules grip the rails for controlled motion while keeping your camera set-up securely on the track.

The skater platform can also be used as a Hi-Hat, rigging plate or mounted on 19mm legs/rods and speed rail.

All MYT Works skater dollies are designed, manufactured and assembled in New York City from machined, industrial-grade steel and aluminum.

The Skater Dolly comes in 3 distinct models. Models vary in functionality and modularity as well as size.

  • Can be used with standard 1-¼” (1.66″ O.D.) schedule 40 speedrail of any length bought on location
  • Load Capacity: Up to 150 lbs
  • Platform Width 14”
  • Included quick-release latch can be used with Glide slider Hi-Hat
  • Speed Rail sold separately
  • Can be used with standard 1-¼” (1.66″ O.D.) schedule 40 speedrail of any length bought on location
  • Load Capacity: Up to 80 lbs
  • Platform Width 10”
  • Compatible with Glide slider Hi-Hat
  • Speed Rail sold separately
  • Load Capacity: Up to 25 lbs
  • Platform Width 7”
  • Compact Travel Size
  • 19mm stackable rails extend length from 2.5 feet to as long as 5 feet or more
  • Under-rail plate allows for mounting the system at any point along the rail length


  • Compact skater plate can be used separately from the rails as a rigging plate or Hi-Hat
  • Wheel modules snap into rails to prevent camera package from tipping over
  • Wheel lock prevents unintended runaway motion
  • Virtually silent movement
  • All camera mounts available: Flat Mount, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and Mitchell
  • 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm mounts designed for adjusting the camera head independently of the slider platform
  • Dozens of platform mounting/rigging options via industry standard threads: 1/4″-20, 3/8″-16 and 1/2″-13
  • Textured rubber pads on the bottom of end caps enhance stability
  • Underslung capability (see accessories)
  • Mounts on tripods, junior stands, light/baby/c-stands, 19mm or Speedrail legs, large Mitchell camera dollies, baby feet, and various grip alternatives
  • Made from ¾ inch machined anodized aluminum and stainless steel
  • Easy maintenance, rust, and corrosion resistant
  • Cross-compatible with the Glide slider system with common accessories. Can be used with Hi-Hat from Glide slider dollies


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