3-IN-1 Camera Dolly System For Professional Filmmakers $1285 and Up

Save up to 40% on the Rover Dolly when you buy our 3-IN-1 system for smooth, versatile camera motion essential for high quality production. Our 3-IN-1 Glide Slider Dolly System is patented and includes the slider with detachable Hi-Hat, and our easy-to-use travel Rover Dolly. The addition of the Rover Dolly enables a third complete camera setup option, great for saving time on low profile or table top shots over long distances. 

Three Camera Motion Solutions include:

  • The Glide Slider Dolly with Hi-Hat
  • The Hi-Hat as a stand-alone mount
  • The Hi-Hat with travel Rover Dolly

Our one-latch hi-hat release enables operators to:

  • use the camera hi-hat on the slider dolly, flip the latch and lift the hi-hat (fully mounted with camera) from the track
  • use the hi-hat as a stand-alone camera support
  • take the hi-hat and mount it with the same locking latch on the rover dolly, which is great for low profile shots and rolls smoothly on a wide variety of surfaces
  • set up multiple camera hi-hat assemblies with various tripod head mounts for use in tandem.



Dual extrusion rail is exceptionally rigid, so no need to center mount.

Our bearing design allows for an ultra-smooth motion that is also completely free of the back-and-forth rocking typical of most other sliders. We also deliver clean starts and stops essential for quality production.

Other Features:

  • braking system
  • removable protective cap on the top of each bearing for easy cleaning
  • floating design on stainless steel dowel pins that accommodates any variation in temperature and compression/expansion differential
  • protective sleeves for the rails
  • lubrication-free system with easy maintenance


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