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Question of the Month: What is speedrail? What is the standard size? How is it measured?
When sourcing speedrail....avoid using the words "tube" or "rail" as these have different technical meanings at industrial suppliers and can lead to confusion.
Attention to Detail: A High Value Skill for Freelancers
Regardless of how you develop the skill of paying attention to detail, the benefits to your career as a freelancer will be clear. Not only will you be more effective and efficient in your approach to every project, but others will appreciate that you value those important details that influence their work.
James Bridges, Director of Photography - Type A Media, Comments on MYT Works
"I work with a lot of Fortune 500 companies here in Atlanta. They expect the best from me and my crew. When I pull out a MYT Works products (I own the Level 5 and Knuckle skater dollies) they know what they are paying for and best of all, I know it will work…every time.” – Jim
MYT Works Supports Digital Cinema Society
The Digital Cinema Society is a nonprofit educational cooperative dedicated to the industry's informed integration of new technology.
Interview with Jonathan Belinksi - Owner, Belinski Media
The open to the Super Bowl was creatively challenging. For that piece we had to consecutively shoot scenes from three wars - the War of 1812, the Alamo, and the Civil War - all in one take with cannon explosions and pyro technics. For “The Greatest”, which opened the Super Bowl pre-game show, MYT works gear was used for tight shots; the rest was shot on a gimbal.
Tim Patton, CEO of Parable, Shares Photos and Thoughts on MYT Works
“I was originally introduced to MYT Works at NAB 2014 and was super impressed with the build quality and modularity of the company's dolly and slider systems."
Old Habits in Camera Movement
Have you ever done something a certain way, year after year, purely out of habit? Do you think it takes too much effort to change, even though it could make life easier?
MYT Works 3-In-1 Patent Documentation Photo
Press Release: MYT Works, Inc. Secures Patent for Multi-Purpose Camera Movement Tools
MYT Works, Inc. the only New York based camera movement product manufacturer, is happy to announce that they have secured a patent for their camera movement platform, a feature of their Glide sliders.
Our First Digital Production Buzz Interview!
We thank the host of Digital Production Buzz, Larry Jordan, for keeping us informed of all things video with their weekly podcasts. Each episode covers industry trends, technologies and people, via interviews with industry leaders and innovators.
Camera Skater Dollies in All Sizes Photo
MYT Works Skater Dolly v. Dana Dolly
Wondering why serious operators upgrade to MY Works? We hear why they do everyday at our NYC shop. Often they compare MYT Works to Dana Dollies and similar systems, and we take notes.
Guide to Becoming a Camera Operator
Experienced camera operators possess a unique combinations of skills. They all seem to have artistic sensibilities - facile perception, a keen eye and the ability to compose balance and beauty in a frame; they also have impressive technical skills required to work with complex equipment. However, building a successful career requires even more.
Mark Molesworth, American monsters, snow gravestone
Interview with Director of Photography Mark Molesworth
"I did my homework online to see which was the best slider. I rented a MYT Works slider from PAL East (http://www.paleast.com/) and fell in love with it last year. I bought one this year and it keeps pretty darn busy."
Bill Eliott kitchen scene Constellation Skater Dolly Oceania Cruises
Bill Elliott shooting for Oceania Cruises with the Constellation Slider Dolly
"I really like the versatility of the MYT Constellation slider. The director wanted a shot that started behind the chefs and dollied to a frontal shot. A deep fryer and wall were in the way but this was a no-brainer with the Constellation. We were up and ready to roll in just a couple of minutes."
Paul Berner at Pebble Beach with Glide Large Slider Dolly
Paul Berner at Pebble Beach with the Glide Slider Dolly
Paul Berner recently stopped by our NYC shop and we had a great visit hearing about his exciting work. He shares photos while shooting with the MYT Works Glide Large Slider Dolly for a TV show on historic golf courses featuring Pebble Beach.
Can the Right Equipment Improve Your Revenue?
You can become your own equipment provider for your clients and for other camera operators. Increase your day rate and improve your level of client service at the same time.
Medium/Large 19mm Leg Turret Adapters for the MYT Galaxy Skater Dolly Line
Turn your skater plate into a tripod with 19mm legs. One of dozens of ways to adapt your MYT Works tools. Watch our video.
MYT Works Clients on Instagram #MYTWorks #MYTSlider
Don't forget to tag us on instagram, #MYTWorks.
MYT Product Manuals
Our manuals detail the modular designs. See how different parts can be used for a variety of configurations and how they work across systems.
Video Shot with Small Glide
This video, shot with our small Glide slider, makes you want to be a part of the action.
Video Shot with Glide Slider
This video, shot with our Glide slider, demonstrates the power of smooth camera movement in various settings.
Glide Slider on Set with Paul Cuthbert at Blue Ant Media
Your Camera Slider Should Never Buckle
Adolfo Villar, Chief Video Director at Noisematch Studios
Matt Francis, Owner - BeatCast
Kevin Kaufmann, Cinematographer
Having trouble deciding which system is for you? Is your camera package really heavy? Do you travel a lot? Are you upgrading to more adaptable tools? Our guide can help.
Christopher Webb Films
“The MYT Glider is incredibly useful because it is both light weight and durable. We have had our 5’ Large unit for years now and rented it out many times..."
MYT Works Knuckle Camera Slider Dolly
Aluminum End Truss Support for the Medium Glide Camera Slider
End Cap-to-Junior/Baby Stand Combo Adapter
Female BPA/SRP Combo and Half Ball Adapter
MYT Camera Slider Dolly - How To Use SRP Locking Bolts on your Hi-Hat
Glide Medium and Large Camera Slider Dollies Demo at NAB 2015
How to Remove the Hi-Hat Carriage from the MYT Camera Slider
MYT Works' Glide Line of Slider Dollies at NAB 2014
Slider Dolly Mounted on Stand Photo
MYT Works Camera Slider Dollies and 3-in-1 System at NAB 2013
Ultra-Portable Knuckle Camera Slider Dolly
MYT Level 5 Portable Skater Dolly
MYT Works Constellation Camera Skater Dolly Demo at NAB
MYT Works Large Skater Dolly Photo
MYT Works Constellation Camera Skater Dolly
Tripod Heads On Set
Camera Sliders and Skater Dollies On Set
Glide Slider Dolly Setups
Glide Sliders come in three sizes, small, medium and large and can be ordered in lengths from 3 - 12 feet. All Glide Sliders come with detachable Hi-Hats and can be mounted on all types of industry stands.
Skater Dolly Setups
The MYT Works skater dollies come in small (Knuckle), medium (Level 5) and large (Constellation) models and run on any length of rail. They all have unique safety features and plates with multiple points of attachment that can detach from the wheel modules and be used for rigging and stationary support.
Rover Dolly Setups
In the Elements
camera support system equipment fluid video fluid camera head camera head camera slider camera dolly camera slider dolly camera slider new york city filmmaking
Velvet Nodal Head In Action
mytworks fluidlesshead nodalhead camerahead camerasupport camerasupportsystem dolly roverdolly cameradolly velour filmmaking filmmaker filmequipment
Velour Nodal Fluild-less Head on a Classic Elemack Dolly - A Perfect Pair!
mytworks, myt, underslung bracket, camera skater dolly, skater dolly, professional slider dolly, fluidvideo , fluidhead , professionacameraslider, underslung, brackets
Overhead Underslung Bracket for MYT Constellation Camera Skater Dolly
Medium Camera Slider in Underslung Mode
Constellation Camera Dolly On Set with Tony Reyes
MYT Works and B&H
Camera Support Accessories are a Camera Operator's Best Friend!
Skater Dolly Photo in Car
Constellation Camera Slider Dolly Set Ups with Steve Hollander at Alta Grip
Medium Glide Slider Dolly Supporting an Arri Alexa
Medium Glide Camera Slider with Sony F5 and Sachtler Fluid Head
Medium 3-IN-1 on Stage with CEG
6 Foot Medium Glide Camera Slider on Set with Frederik Lindstrom
Updates on our Velvet Nodal Fluid-less Head


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