Split collar with 5/8′ bore for your MYT Glide support

Here is an idea for everyone! A MYT owner brought it up to us as a simple and elegant solution to add a great deal of stability to your MYT Glide camera slider when mounted on lights stands. Simply place a split collar with a 5/8" bore around the 5/8" stud prior to tightening it onto the static plate on the MYT Glide Medium/Large and the cheese plate on the MYT Glide Small. You then push up the split collar do it is flush to the static and/or cheese plate and secure it either with an allan key for the basic collar or tighten with the latch on the split collar fitted with a latch. You can also mount the split collar on the stand or stud prior to positioning the Glide on either one.

This straightforward solution makes a big difference. It also brings far less pressure and lateral torsion to the static and cheese plates on your Glide. It is very helpful and highly recommended. You'll also be far less likely to tear out the stainless steel insert of the wingnut assembly.

To make it easier on every MYT owner and to encourage everyone to get these split collars, we decided to offer to all of you 2 units for the price of one. The basic split collar which tightens with an allan key is $15, the one with a latch is $35. If you are interested, please let us know. We'll ship them to you within a week. Shipping will be nominal for US and according to international shipping rates outside the U.S.

As a note of caution, we should mention that both the basic split collar and the latched one might not work properly on some smaller stands with uneven or stepped up to 5/8" stud diameters.

Feel free to contact us for any other questions!