MYT Underslung

Finally here ! It took quite some time but we are thrilled to finally present the MYT Underslung. It is just a few weeks away from production and we'll be announcing pricing for both MYT Medium and Large Underslung models. The Large model will be compatible with both MYT Glide Medium and Large. One of the biggest sensations at the NAB show, the MYT Underslung is as smooth, precise and quiet as our MYT Glide and does not require any modification to the the MYT Glide and carriage. It is a modular add-on that can be installed within minutes, utilizing your existing Hi-Hat. The set up is common-sense with bridge plates set on the carriage without obstructing the MYT Hi-hat, and MYT Rods to suspend the MYT Underslung carriage plate. Once installed, The MYT Underslung can be fitted with the MYT Hi-hat which in turn can be secured with 4 MYT SRP125 locking bolts.