MYT Motor

The response at the NAB show to the prototype of out MYT Motor system was incredible ! We were taken aback by the level of interest in our setup. We've been working on this for a long time and decided a while ago to forgo the traditional belt driven configuration for a far more elegant and sophisticated approach. Our method uses a lead-screw suspended between two span plates, driven through a DC motor located not at either end of the MYT Glide but on the carriage itself. Virtually backlash free, an industry first, the MYT Motor offers an unprecedented level of versatility, control and options for motion capture, time lapse and regular dolly motion. To compound the potential of the MYT motor applications, we made the software open source which is also an industry first. Finally, the system is very simple to set up on any MYT Glide, sandwiched between the MYT carriage and the Hi-Hat. Various interfaces will be available. We hope to release MYT Motor Beta version by Summer 2012. Check out the Video from NAB to get a glimpse of the MYT Motor in action.