It might not seem obvious at first sight but the MYT Hi-hat is designed to be taken apart if needed. The MYT Rods, sleeves, handle bracket, and mount can be disassembled for transport and more importantly for change in rod size or mount. If you decide you need a different mount besides the one you currently own or were thinking of acquiring, you can simply undo the mount off the MYT Hi-hat and use any other one without having to purchase another complete MYT Hi-hat. Also as a reminder, the bottom rod caps can be un-screwed and MYT Rods of various length can be screwed in. All MYT Gliders and Skaters come standard with SR3's but these can be replaced with any of the MYT Rods available in different lengths from 1 to 12 inches. This is particularly helpful for people who use a tripod heads with a longer tie down. To give an example MYT SR5 Rods are needed when using a Miller head. If not, the tie down will hit the static plates holding the rails.