Our MYT end caps now come treated with mineral oil and  finer sanded edges. We've adopted a new fabrication method that significantly enhances our wood end caps finish and feel. Some people have asked us; why wood end caps? They are a few reasons beyond the obvious joy of holding something as pleasant as wood. In the summer, you won't burn your hands if you pick up your MYT Glide on a bright sunny day, like you would with end caps made of metal or other type material. As for the winter, you will prevent freezing your hands. With time the end caps will get smoother and smoother as the wood ages and gets constantly oiled by your hands. In turn they'll be more pleasant to hold with time. As for the smell, there is nothing like walnut and oak. Some of you will notice a slight campfire like smell. It comes from the MYT Works logo that is branded on each end cap.