MYT Custom Bearings

They are here and installed on every new MYT Glide Medium that we build from now on. Years in the making, Patent Pending, they represent a radical departure from traditional design and offer a new level of convenience never available before. A major development, apparently so simple yet quite complicated to implement, is the addition of a window on the top surface overlooking the wheel. Protected by a silicon cap that can be easily removed, the window allows for instant cleaning without removing the carriage from the tracks. This is a significant industry first ! Other design firsts include the brake located on the bearing itself and easily switchable to any of the four bearings on the carriage. There are many other improvements on this MYT Custom Bearing including lighter weight and tighter tolerances. They are also compatible with all existing MYT Medium Glides. An upgrade path is available to all current owners. Made of Hi-grade aluminum, the manufacturing craftsmanship is of the highest order. This is one development we are particularly proud of !

Some features of the new bearings are the window onto the wheel allowing for easy cleaning access, multiple threaded points to engage the brake and replaceable soft plastic caps. We have also moved the brake onto the bearing itself – this allows for additional braking if needed but also removes the 5th bearing found in our previous models, enabling an even smoother dolly motion. The brake can easily be switched between bearings by screwing it into any of the other threads on one of the other three bearings.

The bearing window will make the maintenance of your bearings incredibly easy – there will be no need to remove the end caps and carriage in order to clean your bearings, an industry first. To clean, simply remove the soft plastic cap with a pin, use a cotton swab with either water or denatured alcohol and slowly glide the carriage on the tracks with the swab against the wheels. You'll be able to tell when your wheels are clean again; they should be white and spotless.

When in doubt as to how to perform these functions, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to walk you through these steps that will ensure a long life for your MYT Glide.