MYT Works Cam-Lifter camera support system

The MYT Cam-Lifter, first introduced at the National Association of Broadcasters convention, made quite an impression at the show. There is simply no other tool that does what the Cam-Lifter does. However, since NAB, we added a number of features. We won't reveal too many details but we can mention that the Cam-Lifter will now be able to mount not only on Mitchell mounts, but also on 100mm and 150mm half bowl adaptors. Additionally, the Cam-Lifter will be able to accept the MYT Hi-Hat in any configuration on its upper plate. This is a significant development that we hope will please MYT Glide and Skate dolly owners.

Good news as well: we are in the final stages of design and prototyping work and hope that manufacturing will commence as early as September 2012. Fingers Crossed!