Portable Camera Slider Dolly in Puddles on Location

Thanks, Ryan Walters, for this fun collage featuring our Medium MYT Works pro camera slider in action! Looks like something dangerous could have happened there, but luckily your adventure did not become a "misadventure."

ryan walters medium slider dolly in action

MYT Glide Medium Portable Camera Slider with FS700

23 films posted this lovely picture of their MYT Works Medium camera slider dolly on location with an FS700 camera. They seem to have added some rod extensions to their baby feet to bring the slider off the ground a bit. Clever thinking, guys!

camera slider with 100mm ball head mount

Skater Dolly Support Options Video

Check out this new video that explains all the many ways you can support your Galaxy Line skater dolly system. Support is possible with tripods, light stands, baby feet, individually articulated legs, and more! Learn more here.

Constellation Skateboard Wheel Dolly Assembly @ MYT Works!

Check out another one of our new videos, this one detailing assembly of our Constellation convertible skater dolly system! We give you the low-down on wheel attachment, camera mounting options, standard schedule 40 speedrail tracks, and some pretty versatile accessories. We will be amending this video shortly with another showing how your Constellation can be transformed into an instantaneous camera hi hat.

The largest system in our Galaxy line of modular and portable skater dollies, the Constellation platform was designed to accommodate even the heaviest camera setups. The versatility of the Constellation's camera mounts, support options, rigging tools, and more make this package very appealing for a variety of applications. Learn more about putting it together here!

Photo of a 10ft Large Camera Slider on Location in the Surf!

This picture stands as a testament to all our MYT camera sliders endure as they are put to use by you amazing creatives across the world. Though it must have been a hassle to transport this 10ft Large unit all the way to the base of the beach, we know their shots were worth it! How do YOU use your MYT?

Thanks for the picture, CW Films!

camera dolly slider in action

Knuckle Mini Skater Dolly Video – Assembly Explained!

We spent the last two weeks shooting a lot of videos in our Manhattan shop. Below, check out the tutorial showing how to assemble your Knuckle mini skater dolly kit. This fully modular system breaks down into very small components, creating what we believe to be the most portable professional slider system ever.

Let us know what you think!

MYT Camera Dolly Slider in Action on Redken Commercial

Check out this cool picture of a MYT Works camera slider dolly in action on the set of a Redken commercial. Thanks for the shoutout, Matt Workman!

Here's what he had to say about the experience:

"I used the MYT WORKS slider for the first time, which worked great once we figured out how to support it. It’s pretty cool how many smaller third party companies are out there developing equipment for the film industry these days. More tools."

For the record, we recommend mounting with a tripod+half ball adapter on one side and a 5/8 stand on the other. This allows for the ultimate stability in your setup, while maintaining incredible ease of use. We have also released, to positive fanfare, a rosette leg mounting system that attach directly to the ends of your track for height and angle-adjustable legs.

camera slider in action redken

Happy 4th of July from MYT Works, Everyone!

Have a wonderful day, no matter where you are. Thanks for all your support!

MYT Skater Dollies Writeup by Hammer Lighting & Grip

Check out this great writeup about MYT Works by Hammer Lighting & Grip in Indiana, Indianapolis. We are all very impressed by how well they truly "get" our system and all of its possibilities. We met these guys at the National Association of Broadcasters convention two years ago and they purchased two full Galaxy Line skater dolly kits to put in their equipment rental house. They also made totally awesome custom carrying cases for their Level 5 and Constellation portable camera dollies that inspired ours a bit:

Constellation and Level 5 carrying cases

Constellation and Level 5 carrying cases for Hammer Lighting & Grip

They also had some very kind words to say about us! We're blushing.

"If you haven’t had one of our new 'pipe dollies' on one of you jobs yet you don’t know what you’re missing. I saw these at the NAB show last year and just had to have them. I was probably more excited about these than I’ve been about any equipment recently. They’re so well made, versatile and they just look so cool."

Thanks so much, guys! If you're ever in Indiana, definitely check them out. If you're ever in NYC, definitely check us out.

Documentarian Joe Berlinger with MYT Camera Head and Slider Dolly

Check out these shots of Joe Berlinger with a MYT Works Velvet nodal camera head and Level 5 portable slider dolly system. This is a great setup! We were honored to have Mr. Berlinger work with our products on the new series "The System" for Al Jazeera America.

joe berlinger with camera head and slider dolly

joe berlinger with velvet camera head

New Custom Hard Carrying Cases for Galaxy Line Camera Dolly Systems!

We are so excited to finally have these custom carrying cases in our hands! We spent a very long time working on the design for these cases, striving to maintain the smallest footprint while including sufficient slots and spaces for any accessory an operator could desire. Let us know what you think!



Level 5

Level 5



Each case features multiple layers for compact packaging of all your MYT accessories!

Each case features multiple layers for compact packaging of all your MYT accessories!

MYT Works Team with Slider Dolly and Camera Head

Another shot from our recent setup featuring a 10ft Large Glide camera slider and underslung Velour nodal camera head, but this one has some MYT staff members in it! We just wanted to be on the internet, so here you go! Go team MYT.

large slider dolly with underslung mount myt works team copy

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