Adjustable Camera Hi-Hat Height on Slider Dolly

At MYT Works, we design all of our systems to be as versatile and modular as possible. This is evident in even the smallest components, such as our MYT camera hi-hat, which can be modified to help you attain the perfect camera setup. Here is an example of various possible height mounting options on the MYT Glide slider dolly with a Mitchell camera Hi-hat.

Sometimes, it's absolutely essential that you get a really low-profile shot - notice how low you can set up a head by simply changing the MYT SR rod heights. Every camera hi-hat from MYT Works comes standard with 3" risers, but you can swap these out for shorter or longer rods depending on your requirements.

Standard Mitchell Hi-hat Assembly with 3 Inch Risers

Standard Mitchell Hi-hat Assembly with 3 Inch Risers

Mitchell Hi-hat with 2 Inch Risers

Mitchell Hi-hat with 2 Inch Risers Without Handle Bracket

Mitchell Hi-hat with 1 Inch Risers for Low Profile Camera Set Up

Mitchell Hi-hat with 1 Inch Risers for Low Profile Camera Set Up

There is still clearance with the SR1s (1 inch rods) screwed into the Mitchell Mount Head; a set up which allows for very low shots.

GIF of our Velvet Video Head in Full Swing

360 degrees of our Velvet video head. Here it's mounted on a tripod with a 100mm half ball adapter, but it's also compatible with a 75mm. The handle extension includes an articulated rosette leg adapter for full adjustability and support. Check it out!


Two Tripods Supporting our Level 5 Camera Slider Dolly

Production manager Matthew Pessoni just sent us some fine pictures of his Level 5 slider dolly mounted on two tripods using our truss to tripod kit. Along with the pictures he included some very kind words about our camera slider systems which we're quoting below. Check out some of Gemini Production's work here!

"I just wanted to write you this afternoon and let you know how much our production team has enjoyed using your new Galaxy Line – Level 5 slider.[...] The Galaxy line is in my opinion, the best crafted slider on the market. The build quality and materials are second to none. Its modularity enables expandability and ensures years of work ahead." - M. Pessoni

Thanks for the pics and kind words!

tripod support and professional camera slider dolly

camera slider dolly mounted on tripod

Velour Pan & Tilt Video Head in Motion! Check out our GIF!

Here's a GIF of our largest video head, the MYT Velour, mounted on a tripod with a 150mm half ball adapter (also compatible with a mitchell). Enjoy!


Another Day at MYT Works!

Just another day in the life! Pictured here - Knuckle mini skater dolly system with our Duplex camera hi-hat adapter.

mini skater dolly filmmaking camera slider

New Medium Slider Dolly Picture from Copenhagen!

@flpdigital Tweeted this nice shot of his Medium MYT Works pro camera slider dolly in action for a Pandora Jewelry commercial. Lookin' good!

FLP camera slider dolly in action

MYT Works Video Head GIFS – Satin Camera Cage

Check out this awesome GIF of our Satin Camera Cage! We spent a good deal of time taking pictures and making animated GIFs of our camera support systems in motion, so we hope you enjoy them.

Take a look at our first masterpiece, featuring the Satin camera cage. We will be releasing a whole new batch of awesome photographs and GIFs of our pro skater dollies, video heads, and sliders, so stay tuned! Let us know what you think.


Revision to our Velour Nodal Pan/Tilt Head

One of our clients had a great suggestion for the camera plate of our largest nodal video head. For a far better and tighter grip, we've added additional slots for more one-sided, replaceable rubber pads.  On the right side of the below picture, you can see a modified plate with 10 new slots.  On the left, you can see all the pads added to the modified plate.

We love your suggestions and really take them into consideration as we work to perfect all of our products. Thanks for your input!

Velour video head camera plate with slots

Great Level 5 Camera Dolly Setup w/ F55 Camera

Just saw this shot on our client Brandon Tyler's twitter feed! A nice shot of a MYT Works Level 5 portable skater dolly system in action, mounted with an F55 camera. We hope Brandon won't mind that we quote him:

"Smooth as silk. Money well spent!... Best piece of gear I've ever purchased."

We're blushing! Thanks for the shout out!

lvl 5 camera dolly slider in action

Constellation Skater Dolly in Action in Barcelona, Spain!

Thanks so much to Mirco for sending us these great photos of his new Constellation portable skater dolly system in action in an amazing city - Barcelona! They seem to be loving the underslung capability of the system and are putting it to use in a variety of different applications, including over an elevator shaft! To take advantage of the underslung feature available on our Constellation and Level 5 camera slider platforms, simply attach a MYT camera hi-hat (available in 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, Mitchell, or Flat Mounts) to the underside of the plate using four SRP Locking Bolts to lock it on. Voila! Simple, secure, and smooth.

Thanks again, Mirco! For more pictures of their setup, check our MYT in Action page!

skater dolly setup with underslung camera

professional skater dolly vertical

pro camera slider dolly in action

camera dolly skater in action

Velvet Nodal Video Head Custom Carrying Case

We've gotten such a positive response to the custom hard carrying cases we designed for our Galaxy Line of camera dollies that we decided to proceed with cases for our line of video heads. Check out the picture below featuring the case we designed for our Velvet camera head. So secure!

velvet video head carrying case

velvet video head carrying case annotated

Annotated version. Click to view larger image with higher resolution.

6ft Video Slider with 100mm Camera Hi-Hat on Location!

@FLPDigital tweeted this great photo of their 6ft Medium Glide camera slider dolly on location in a vast field. The gold plates on our slider look great with the sandy-beige field grasses! Thanks for the lovely composition. If anyone else wants to share their MYT in Action shot on our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages, we will commemorate their shots here and possibly on the "MYT in Action" page on our site!

video slider dolly with camera hi hat

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