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About Us

MYT Works, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of camera motion equipment for professional camera operators. Our company was created as an endeavor of Turn of the Century Pictures, a Manhattan-based film production studio. The founder’s experience as a filmmaker and his frustration with existing camera tools informed his decision to collaborate with a team of engineers to create better solutions. Thus, our motto “Born out of Frustration.”

Our team solves the unique technical problems of camera professionals who seek excellence in camera operation and setup options. We accomplish this through an engineering process that entails machining of the highest caliber and precision; and a design process that delivers unprecedented functionality and reliability to camera motion tools.

MYT Works clients include camera operators, dolly grips, and cinematographers in the video, film and broadcasting industries all over the world. We are based in New York City and all of our products are built and serviced in-house at our Brooklyn location.

Our Story

Our story starts with an innovative filmmaker, Etienne Sauret, who has worked for decades in film, TV & broadcast production. After thousands of hours on set, Etienne became frustrated that existing camera movement tools failed to address a variety of challenges that he faced every day. Most portable products move the camera without any regard for minimizing deflection, bounce-back and noise. They also fail to provide the right amount of damping, precision starts and stops, and durability. These prevalent options are affordable, yet, practically disposable. They general can only be used for one purpose and their performance levels can deteriorate quickly with use. Furthermore, they contribute to wasted time on set due to cumbersome setup requirements and ease of damage.

MYT Works was built through a collaboration of engineers and filmmakers in 2010 to address these common and frustrating camera operator problems. Our team designs not only to move the camera in a more stable, precise way; but to minimize the set-up time, re-dos, safety risks and production quality issues that operators experience with other alternatives. In addition, our products are uniquely modular. They are multi-purpose tools that work across product lines for maximum adaptability. This diminishes the need for whole-system upgrades and frequent system replacements over time.

The only micro-manufacturer of camera movement equipment in NYC

In-house design and manufacturing ensures that we have full quality control and the capability to create a better product. Micro-manufacturing allows us to be nimble with our design process and more responsive to the changing needs of our clients. By intentionally building a small shop that hand assembles to order, we ensure quality control and better customer service; and we can make modifications without worrying about lots of wasted inventory. This is especially important since we use higher quality and longer-lasting materials. While many brands source parts from China and other parts of the world, we machine our own parts from solid aluminum and steel. We create products that last a professional lifetime, which is great for the environment as well as our camera operators.

NYC is our home, not only because it is where our founder lives, but because it has seen unprecedented growth in the film production industry in the past few years. This is due to the increased market demand for video, industry tax credits that attract producers, and training initiatives to develop talent. Our location in New York City keeps us on the pulse of what is going on in the industry on all fronts, broadcast, cinema production and independent film-making.

Our customers are experienced operators

Our typical customers are experienced camera operators who want to supplement or replace existing equipment with higher quality tools. They are tired of the repeated cost of renting and replacing systems. The also appreciate the modular designs of our tools, which enable them to meet setup challenges on any type of production and even in the most extreme climates. In addition, our clients know our products pay for themselves. Operators can charge their own equipment rental fees and recover the cost to purchase a MYT Works system with just a few jobs.

Our camera support tools are known for the following features:

Smooth Motion and Precise Starts and Stops

Our sleeve and wheel bearings, spring loaded wheels, and fluid-less camera heads are known for the smoothest motion and the cleanest starts and stops in the industry.

Built to Withstand Rough Handling and Adverse Weather

All parts are machinednot cast from industrial-grade materials; and are weather and corrosion resistant. This ensures performance over long-term, rough handling and in adverse temperatures and environments.

Designed for Setup Speed and Adaptability

Interchangeable parts across products offer unparalleled versatility. Set up with less time, tools and frustrations; and decrease time between setups.

User Driven Details

Designed for filmmakers by filmmakers, our products represent solutions to the everyday problems that camera operators face. Direct contact between our engineers and clients allow for the integration of product features that elevate production quality, save setup and shooting time; and diminish mishaps and redos.

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