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MYT Works
  • Professional Camera Slider Dollies and
    Rover Dolly Systems.
  • Portable Skater Camera Dolly Systems for Ultra Smooth, Silent Camera Motion Control
  • Fluid-less Nodal Tripod Heads with Perfect Start and Stop Pan Tilt Motion

MYT Camera Sliders, Skater Dollies, and Nodal Tripod Heads

MYT Works, Inc. is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company based in NYC created as endeavor of Turn of the Century Pictures, a film production studio in operation for a decade. Our experience as filmmakers informed the decision to create MYT Works, primarily our dissatisfaction both in terms of cost as well as functionality with many of the camera support options available on the market today, hence our motto: Born Out of Frustration. As such, our goal is to develop innovative, affordable, and most importantly high quality solutions for filmmakers in all levels of production. We like to say that MYT Works is a company created "by filmmakers for filmmakers," because at the end of the day we would not make something that we ourselves wouldn't want to use.

Portable and Durable Systems

When it comes to weight, we’ve built our systems to have the highest weight to load ratio in comparison to what’s on the market today. For some perspective, both our large Glide camera slider and Constellation skater dolly weigh in at about 25 pounds and can easily carry loads up to 200 pounds. Similarly, the medium Glide and Level 5 camera dollies are about 15 pounds and can handle up to 80 pounds. And finally, our small Glide and Knuckle sliders weigh 7 pounds and can handle a 20-pound camera setup. With all of the customized accessories that go into filmmaking, we wanted to ensure camera operators could put as much gear on their slider as possible without sacrificing functionality and movement. We believe we've achieved this goal.

Limitless Mounting Options and Configurations

We believe that MYT systems offer more mounting options than any slider or skater system out there. We’ve incorporated numerous mounting holes (threaded and non-threaded) on every plate in our systems, whether it’s a Glide static plate or a Galaxy carriage platform, for added convenience. Any of our systems can be mounted on tripods, monopods, jibs, light stands, 5/8” studs, ¼”-20’s, and even wooden surfaces with regular screws. We’ve done everything we can to ensure that you can use your MYT slider dolly system anywhere, from a ceiling to a car hood, and every conceivable location in between.

State of the Art Technology

MYT Works represents a combination of engineering and technology previously unavailable in portable camera dolly and nodal head systems. We’ve taken sleeve bearings and modified them by adding a wheel support inside to give an even smoother gliding motion. We’ve turned the average skater dolly carriage into a camera-rigging platform with a plethora of mounting options and accessories. Our nodal heads are fluid-less – an industry-first. The unprecedented engineering employed in the MYT design requires CNC machining of the highest caliber and precision, resulting in equipment with extremely tight tolerances and incredibly smooth motion.

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“An industrial zeitgeist tool for artistic camera movement.”

Mark Benjamin — Award Winning Director, Cinematographer & Producer (“The Last Party”, “Slam”, “Brick City”)