We Help Camera Operators…

Improve Productivity – Get the job done with one hassle-free shot. Minimize your number of takes with dampened, precise motion and the cleanest starts and stops. Also, our portable systems can handle even the heaviest packages without the diminished performance, mishaps and safety issues common with less sturdy systems.

Generate More Income – Maximize your day rate by offering equipment rentals; and keep more income when you write off your equipment expenses at tax time. Also, as an equipment owner, you are prepared to start more jobs at the drop of a dime.

Save Time – Save minutes on setups and getting the shot. And when you own our camera movement tools, additional time savings comes from avoiding rental equipment pickups and drop-offs, and fewer repair and maintenance sessions.

Slider Dollies

Professional Camera Slider Dollies with Detachable Hi-Hat

Skater Dollies

Portable Skater Dolly with Versatile Rigging Plate Runs on Any Length Rail

Tripod Heads

Fluid-less Nodal Tripod Heads with Perfect Start and Stop Pan Tilt Motion


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